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Temporary Tattoo Ink - DIY Waterproof sets of 10

Temporary Tattoo Ink - DIY Waterproof sets of 10

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Do it yourself Water Tattoo Paper

Product Description: 

Make tattooing fun at home! Design and print your own custom temporary tattoo art or use popular designs from online. Use your own inkjet or laser printer. Print your tattoo safely, in color or black and white on the glossy side of this adhesive paper. 

Apply the adhesive paper to your skin, then watch as your art comes to life just by adding a little water. Like magic, your new tattoo is revealed. Your new tattoo will last about a week. So you can brighten your child’s day. Or dress up for halloween. Even test out a new look you always wanted to try before you get a permanent tattoo. Your imagination is the limit!

In the box:

10 inkjet printer tattoo papers or 10 laser printer tattoo papers


SAFE to use on skin. Adhesive sheets are in compliance with relevant safety regulations and approved by the FDA.

How to:

Step 1: Choose your design online, or create your own graphic to print. 

Step 2: Printer setup: Select photo glossy paper, and mirror print. 

Step 3: Print your tattoo on the glossy side of the paper

Step 4: Before applying to your skin, dry the ink naturally for 10 minutes. Or use a hair dryer for 1 minute. 

Step 5: Remove the adhesive sheet and apply it to the printed side of the paper. Make sure to remove all air bubbles.

Step 6: Cut out your decision with scissors as close as possible to the outline of the tattoo.

Step 7: Choose somewhere on your skin for your new tattoo that is free of hair.

Step 8: Wash your selected area thoroughly, then dry skin before applying. 

Step 9: Keep your hands dry before removing the second side of the adhesive backing. Press firmly and apply the tattoo to your skin for 20 seconds. 

Step 10: Wet the backing of the tattoo with a slightly wet sponge for 60 seconds. When the paper has dampened, remove the adhesive to reveal your new tattoo. (You will be able to see the tattoo image through the back of the paper)

Model Number: YTTP
Inkjet tattoo paper: waterproof inkjet transfer paper
Laser tattoo paper: laser printers
tattoo waterproof: flash tattoo
tattoo stencil: sticker tattoo
body tattoo sticker: henna tattoo
kids tattoo: tattoo supplies

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