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Strength Training Workout Belt

Strength Training Workout Belt

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Product Description: 

Improve agility by adding resistance to your speed training with the Attachment Vest. Great comfort-fit design thanks to the lightweight, High-Quality Natural Latex + Nylon Wear Ribbon material. Velcro fastening straps, one size fits all. The Attachment Vest also features 14 extra tough anchor points all across the vest, meaning the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding resistance and difficulty to workouts.

Features and Benefits 


Made to add extra resistance to DAP (Dual Action Pulley) machine work, the vest features a range of possible attachments through its tough anchor points. Attach your speed resistors where you wish and train in a new way every day, without compromising comfort or motion thanks to the user-friendly make and design of this workout vest. 


Resistance training is an ideal way to get back in the game after injury. The attachment vest can help any recovering athlete return to form, by offering a huge variety of speed resistor applications and a more supported routine than simply running or stretching without resistance aid.


Comfort fit design with a lightweight, soft high-quality natural latex. One size fits all, breathable fabric. makes it a great option for high-intensity workouts. 


Innovative workout vest, Easily fits in your gym bag, take it with you on the go. Turn any location into a workout space 

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