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Smart Mini GPS Tracker Collar For Pets

Smart Mini GPS Tracker Collar For Pets

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Smart Mini GPS Tracker Monitor allows you to be with your fur-baby every step of the way no matter where you are. A revolutionary tool that brings the love of pets and technology together. Smart Mini GPS Tracker attaches to your dog or cat’s collar and works directly from your smartphone to keep tabs on your most precious pal. In the app, you can enjoy peace of mind with accurate GPS tracking, and even set up multiple safe signals in places that sends an alert should your pet wander into unwanted territory. It also tracks their daily activity to help keep them in great shape, setting custom goals with alerts if any significant changes occur. In short this GPS Monitor is here to keep your beloved pet around for a long time to come


(1) Multiple positioning: WiFi+GPS+LBS multi-mode positioning.
(2) Support AGPS: cold start 35 seconds positioning
(3) Remote monitoring: interference-free mode, the family number is forced to connect, and the surrounding environment is monitored.
(4) Two-way conversation: Users can talk to each other, and can set multiple family numbers for real-time call.
(5) Electronic fence: automatic alarm when the setting range is exceeded
(6) Historical trajectory: Query the running trajectory within three months anytime and anywhere.
(7) Step counting
(8) Waterproof rating: IP67

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