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Liquid Silicone Bicycle Seat

Liquid Silicone Bicycle Seat

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These revolutionary bicycle seats infused with liquid silicone maximize comfort while you ride. Silicone has great liquidity, allowing it to adjust and form to your body and provide support to all your riding positions. Liquid silicone technology outperforms any standard shock absorbed. Upgrade the way you ride with this one of a kind bicycle seat!

Features and Benefits


This bicycle seat is engineered for the human body made to concave and convex to your movement allowing maximum comfort in any position.


Designed with high-grade silicone made to outperform any standard shock absorber seat. Silicone has great liquidity, which allows it to conform to any pressure!


It provides a great feel for any riding style, absorbs all shocks from uneven surfaces making your ride smoother.

Size: 28*17*4cm
Use: Mountain Bikes
Model Number: LF1034

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