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Gold Metal Detector

Gold Metal Detector

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This powerful metal detector can detect all kinds of metal, from iron relics, coins, and household items to precious metals like gold and silver. Flexible and easy to operate, usage ranges from security, exploration all the way to underground hunting. Excellent performance in shallow lakes and freshwater streams due to its waterproof capability. Perfect for detecting and discovering precious metals! 

Features and benefits


Perfect for metal detection ranging from household items, all the way to hidden precious gold and silver 


Easy configuration of height to suit your need, adjustability makes it convenient to adapt to every situation, from shallow streams to deep mineralized dirt. 


 Audio alerts and pointer indication makes it impossible to miss out on metal.

 For private users, a built-in headphone jack allows you to hunt in peace.                               

 Those who wish to use it with family and friends built-in speakers allow 

 Everyone to share in the excitement.


Detecting precious hidden metals has never been easier to find in shallow lakes and freshwater streams, due to its Exceptional waterproof capability.

DIY Supplies: Electrical
Power Type: Rechargeable
Model Number: Metal Detector
With LCD Screen Or Not: Yes
Main material: metal
Color: black
Operation modes: all metal and DISC
Operating frequency: 5.69KHz
Operating current: standby 10mA
Sensitivity: adjustable
Volume: adjustable
Waterproof search coil diameter: 200mm / 7.9in

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