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Get Fit Jump Rope Set 6 in 1 For Home Workouts & Getting Slimmer

Get Fit Jump Rope Set 6 in 1 For Home Workouts & Getting Slimmer

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Speed Rope 

Product Description: 

This jump rope is professionally designed for maximum performance. You can easily adjust the length of the cables to any position that’s best for you. Perfect for the entire family to have a fun and effective workout. You can even add weight blocks to the inside of the handles for increased resistance. Jump rope anytime and anywhere! 

Features and Benefits 


Engineered with anti-slip handles that allow you to have more control of the rope while maintaining a comfortable grip. 


The rope is designed to be smooth and quick at every angle it’s rotated giving you unlimited workout potential. 


Comes with a convenient carrying bag so that you can jump rope anywhere with its portable and easy to use design.

Type: Single Skip Rope
Material: Plastic
Length: 3 m (Personal)
Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
Items: Speed jump rope with Sweat-absorbent handle
Color: Black
Cable Length: 3M
Cable Dia: 3.4mm
Handle Length: 14.5cm
Material: Mental bearing and cable wire
Status: In stock
Package include: Jump rope+Spare cable + Carry bag +Instructions+Screw set


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