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Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

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Product Description: 

Don’t throw away your dull drill bits, now you can make them good as new! Using this drill bit sharpener, you can turn your old bits into a sharp point in just a few seconds. Immediately improves your work efficiency, allowing you to get more done with your time. This drill sharpener is a must-have for professionals and at-home handymen! 

Features and Benefits 


Ideal for creating a sharp point on any size drill bit. Perfect for all screw driving tasks including wood, metal, plastic, and much more! 


Engineered with a high-grade plastic shell that ensures durability making your tool last many years.  


Able to sharpen any size drill bit with a variety of different size sharpeners. Its 1350rmp speed guarantees precise and efficient work every time!

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