EasyCast™ Magic Fishing Trap

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Our EasyCast™ Fishing Trap is made of well constructed nylon and mesh that is sturdy and reinforced with steel bars and brackets. The Magic Fishing Trap is created with a maze design, using fish like drill hole habits, fish easily become attracted.

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✔️High Quality with 360° design.

✔️Convenient and Simple, no need to install & easy to use.

✔️COMPATABILITY - the net trap is suitable for saltwater and freshwater.

✔️The mesh is made of high precision nylon for more fish.

✔️DURABLE - Quality and durable steel wire support.

✔️FOLDABLE - It can be folded in small size, lightweight and portable.

✔️Great for catching crayfish, crab, smelt, lobster, shrimp, minnows and crawfish.

✔️Just pull the string on the top and the net will automatically open