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Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

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Using this revolutionary device you can now measure the thickness of your paint on any surface. The device is engineered to give an accurate and precise reading every time, allowing you to always get an even coating. Easy to read the measurements so you can operate the device effortlessly.

Feature and Benefits


This device is easy to calibrate to any surface to give precise and accurate measurements every time.


Features an extremely lightweight design, so that you can operate the device smoothly using only one hand. 


The device is equipped with a large screen that displays measurements up to three decimal places, you never have to worry about uneven paint jobs again.

With Backlight Or Not: no
Model Number: GY910
Probe: F & NF
Resolution: 1 Micron
Range: 0-1300um/0-51.2mil
Unite: um/mm/mil
Manual: English,Russian
Certificate: CE,RoHS
Battery Type: 2xAAA 1.5V (not include)
Accuracy: 4%+1

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