BSIDE™ Digital Multimeter

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Our digit digital multimeter features many math and statistical functions. It includes a variety of communication interfaces with easy setup, is equipped with a 19999 Count LCD screen, and is designed for users who need high performance, multiple functions, and automatic measurements. 

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"Using this multimeter has created a fun working environment and increased my effectiveness"

-Daniel Bosch 


The Go-To Desktop Multimeter 


Have you ever seen a dual display multimeter or that can play music? 

Features a dual display, one screen displays test parameters. The other equipped with a clock, temperature and alarm. It is not only a multimeter, but a all in one work station that can also become a high quality sound wireless speaker for the enjoyment of music while working.  

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  • WIDE RANGE: of tests for Voltage, Current, Resistance, Continuity, Capacitance, Frequency; Tests Diodes Transistors, Temperature
  • EASE OF USE: Dual Display lays out every parameter conveniently.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: Tested for Optimum performance.