Bodywork Dent Puller

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  • Effective: vacuum dent puller using a single stroke pump action for convenience, durable handles and an impact-resistant housing provide powerful suction to reach 130~170 lbs.


  • Easy to use: Simple and straightforward method of operation make dent removal, dent repair process complete easily, DIY in anytime & anywhere, Labor & Time saving.


Materials and SizeSuction cup dent puller is made of alloy aluminum handles and housing, 4.7''plastic suction rubber bottom. No chemicals or other material are used in this process.


  • Attention:This product works effectively on move glass, ceramic tile or heavy duty parts, works on big dents, it doesn't work on small dents or door dings.


Instructions for use:
Step 1:Adjust the handle to the separate state
Step 2:Place the Black suction cup/ Dent puller on the surface of the item
Step 3:Press the suction cup vertically downwards,and then take advantage of suction cup handle then lift the item